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Blue Sky Press are all very excited at the prospects of our new literary venture. We are particularly pleased to announce the launch of the first of four books due to be published in the coming twelve months.

In "The Alice Factor" Fyn Day examines major themes such as loyalty, death, family and love, but maintains pace and accessibility with his creation of an authentic world dynamically populated with convincing characters whose lives are part of a gripping story. Readers are simultaneously challenged and entertained.

Fyn Day's track record as a writer includes experience in advertising, journalism, and film. He's a business manager and cinematographer. He has a Master's degree in creative writing and an under-15s volleyball medal (of which he is very proud!).

Find out more about The Alice Factor by clicking on the book cover.

In light of the sad and untimely death of Hugo Donnelly who had edited "The Alice Factor", early plans to publish Fyn's second novel "Lauren" have been set aside for the time being. Fyn is himself now focusing on editing duties for
Blue Sky Press and believes it is inappropriate to publish his own work without the critical input of a trusted editor.

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